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What is lexapro?

The inhibitory capacity of didemethylcitalopram has no clinical relevance, because this metabolite reaches only low plasma concentrations compared with lexapro the maternal compound .
Escitalopram and its metabolites are eliminated lexapro mainly in urine, and to a lesser extent in stools [16,23] .
The elimination half-time of escitalopram is 27–33 h; its plasma clearance after The most likely scientific explanation for the clinical lexapro effect of escitalopram is inhibition of serotonin reuptake by binding to the serotonin transporter .
Using brain imaging techniques (PET or single photon emission computer tomography) and appropriate radiolabeled ligands, it has been demonstrated that the occupancy (binding) to the serotonin transporter is significantly higher with escitalopram than citalopram at steady state (equilibrium: intake of active substance equals what time should i take lexapro lexapro indications does lexapro work for depression lexapro company that removed from the body) .
lexapro The mean occupancies at 6 and 54 h after last doses were 82 and 63% for escitalopram, and 64 and 49% for citalopram, respectively .
The differences between escitalopram lexapro liquid dosage celexa lexapro lexapro classification usual dose of lexapro lexapro black box and citalopram reported are statistically significant [12] .
5-HT: 5-hydroxytryptamine; DA: Dopamine; Ki: Rreceptor affinity; NA: Noradrenaline; who makes lexapro lexapro side effects depression lexapro trade name lexapro dosage lexapro drug SSRI: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor .
Pharmacokinetics Escitalopram 10 mg is equivalent to 20 mg lexapro of racemic citalopram .
Escitalopram is quickly absorbed from the GI lexapro tract and reaches maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) 3–4 h after ingestion [13] .

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