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Usage of artane:

Give ipecac syrup and activated charcoal or perform gastric lavage if no contraindications artane exist .
Ice bags may be artane used for hyperthermia .
Control artane excitement with i .
artane Propranolol may be used for arrhythmias .
Physostigmine may be used when indicated to reverse convulsions, cardiac arrhythmias artane and hallucinations .
It is not artane generic artane kosovo artane health centre artane tyres artane construction artane for eps recommended for routine use or to reverse coma .
ARTANE trihexyphenidyl HCl is artane a synthetic antispasmodic drug .
Trihexyphenidyl is an anticholinergic artane industrial school archives artane price artane kosovo artane reviews artane generic artane antiparkinsonian agent .
It produces an atropine-like blocking action of parasympathetic-innervated peripheral structures, including smooth artane muscle .
It also exhibits a direct spasmolytic action and weak mydriatic, anti-sialogogue and cardiovagal artane reviews artane medication artane ireland quinnsworth artane artane contraindications artane blocking effects .
In small doses, trihexyphenidyl depresses the CNS but larger artane doses cause cerebral excitement resembling the signs of atropine toxicity .
Common side effects may include: Blurred vision, dry mouth, nausea, nervousness These side effects, which appear in yoga artane dublin artane pediatric dosing artane gates online artane tremor segway artane artane 30% to 50% of all people who take Artane, tend to be mild .
They may disappear as artane vs benzhexol artane generic name artane para que serve artane garage vip artane castle artane your body gets used to the drug; if they persist, your doctor may want to lower your dosage slightly .
Recommended dosage Your doctor will individualize the dose to your needs, starting with a low dose and then increasing it gradually, especially artane if you are over 60 years of age .

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